Giantera Alliance is a full range services provider

Markets’ evaluation, partners’ search, registration, distribution, marketing – just few tasks, which we can implement for Your company

Why us?

Because we can open new markets for your products

The companies of the Alliance join their efforts for an effective promotion of innovative pharmaceutical products, cosmetic aids, nutritional supplements and nursing assisting items in markets of Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States in order to win the confidence of their clients and elevate the quality of people’s life.


Our services

from market research to the marketing support


The Company has a wide experience in registration of drugs, pharmaceutical cosmetics, medical devices and nutritional supplements.Find out more »


The Marketing Department of Giantera Alliance provides to manufacturers a wide range of services that includes: market research, forecasts of resources and budget.Find out more »


Giantera Alliance has 5 trade channels: national and regional distribution wholesaling companies, pharmacy retail chains and etc.Find out more »


Whole line of transport and customs operations on the territories of Russia, Belarus and Baltic states; distribution and delivery services.Find out more »

Medical representatives

Our medical representative’s staff is well optimized and best supplied with all necessary equipment.Find out more »

Partners and Clients

whose products we successfully launched in CIS markets

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