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The leading manufacturer of homeopathic products in Canada

Homeocan has been an industry leader in the homeopathy and natural products sector since it's founding in 1987. Headquartered in Montreal (Quebec), Homeocan serves over 3000 customers throughout Canada and offers a complete line of natural products including Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Trace Minerals and Aromatherapy.

Founder and President of Homeocan Inc and Homeolab USA Inc. Michèle Boivert graduated in pharmacy at the University of Montreal and that same year became of the first woman to open her own drugstore in Québec. In 1980, she opened a medical clinic that housed physicians as well as a clinic specialized in alternative medecine.

In 1982, she became the first Canadian to offer homeopathic products in her drugstore while pursuing homeopathic studies with renown European specialists in France, Switzerland and she obtained a diploma from the Mosane School in Belgium.

In 1985, seing the perfect opportunity to expand, she formed an association with a long established European laboratory and began importing homeopathic substances.

In 1987, she founded Homeocan Laboratories Inc. and opened the first homeopathic school in Québec. She set up a dilution center in 1988 and began manufacturing products in her Montreal laboratory.

Homeocan continued to grow and in 1995, Michèle Boisvert relocated her operations in a new 30,000 sq.ft facility, which paved the way to a significant increase in her production with a staff of 25.

Today, she is at the helm of an entreprise which employs over 50 people, manufactures more than 100 products, making Homeocan Inc. the most important manufacturer of homeopathic products in Canada.

Michèle Boisvert is a sought-after spokesperson by various professional associations both in Canada and the USA and she is the author of several books , her most recent entitled « Healthy…Naturally ».

Official website: www.homeocan.ca