The new scheme of homeopathic prophylaxis, including Naturkoksinum®, will be presented in XXIV Moscow International Homeopathic Conference


On January 24–25, 2014 (in Moscow at the Central House of Scientists RAS) we invite you to visit XXIV Moscow International Homeopathic Conference for Professionals, «Development of a homeopathic method in modern medicine». The conference will be attended by leading national and foreign doctors, scientists and firms specializing in homeopathy.

Upcoming workshops:
1. Classical Homeopathy.
2. Homeopathic medicines in clinical practice.
3. Integrated application of homeopathic medicines.
4. The organ: current issues and rehabilitation therapy
5. Homeopathic pharmacy.
6. Software, expert systems in homeopathy etc.

During the conference Dolinina Lubov Yuryevna   (Ph. D., Associate Professor, SZGMU etc.) will present scheme of homeopathic prophylaxis, «Homeopathic prevention of SARS in sickly children», which includes homeopathic medicine Naturkoksinum®. L. Y. Dolinina and E. Y. Shenikova (homeopathic physician, pediatrician) developed a scheme of homeopathic prevention of SARS in sickly children, in order to obtain issues on the best methods and medicines. In order of the homeopathic prevention of SARS in children can be used the entire arsenal of modern homeopathic remedies. Selecting a homeopathic approach depends on to the stage of child’s, that gets ill often, rehabilitation. Selecting a homeopathic medicine Naturkoksinum® caused a well-studied composition (Anas barbariae, hepatis et cordis extractum 200K), a convenient form of release (pellets) and dosage of the drug as prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Its use in the general system of improvement leads to a decrease in the incidence of children in institutions, rehabilitation of sickly children, and prevention of chronic diseases.

During the conference, we invite you to Giantera Alliance stand, were will be presented Naturkoksinum® – the natural and safe drug for the prevention and treatment of SARS and influenza.

Effect of the drug was clinically tested and proven by experience in the application in Canada – similar to Russia in climatic conditions. Visitors of the Giantera Alliance stand will get professional advice about homeopathic medicine Naturkoksinum® and could ask their questions.