On 20th of January, 2014 Charitable Fund "Children Hospital ", thanked Giantera Alliance for the assistance and cooperation in care of children health


«Children Hospital» Fund was founded in 2001 by the doctors of Speransky Children Hospital № 9, Moscow. Speransky Burns Center is one of the biggest and most advanced burns facilities in Russian Federation. Here more than 1500 severely burned children are treated every year.

The main objective of the fund «Children Hospital» is to promote effective treatment and medical rehabilitation of children — our hospital patients. Foundation assists Hospital and the Burn Center in purchasing of modern medical equipment and supplies that are not budgeted or hospital urgently needed.

Charitable Foundation «Children Hospital» also provides ongoing assistance to the needy families in treatment of the children, in that as the treatment of severe burns and their consequences requires expensive medications and continued for a long time. The Foundation supports training programs with doctors and exchange of experiences of advanced foreign medical centers, promoting new effective treatments for burns.

Giantera Alliance, which units a cluster of companies, a long while operating in pharmaceutical and institutional markets of Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, as well did not remain indifferent to the problematic conditions of rehabilitation of the children after severe burns. Giantera Alliance has provided pharmaceuticals for childcare to the charity fund «Children Hospital»: hypoallergenic cream Sudocrem®, which can be used to mitigate the pain and as protection for small burns, as well as a natural and safe medication for the prevention and treatment of SARS and influenza — Naturkoksinum®.

For help, cooperation and care of children health, the director of the charity fund «Children's Hospital» Michael Kazbek expressed sincere gratitude to Giantera Alliance.

January 20, 2014 the Giantera Alliance, on behalf of the director of the charity fund «Children Hospital» Michael Kazbekov, was awarded a diploma of honor for granted pharmaceuticals for childcare (Sudocrem® and Naturkoksinum®) and expressed indifferent to problematic conditions after the rehabilitation of children severe burns.